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Roofers at Work

Construction Defects

Builders get it wrong sometimes, and when they do, the owner could be faced with a high price.  Forcing general contractors and their subs to make it right requires a strong hand.

It didn't leak in your dream.

Construction defects can turn a dream home or first-class commercial development into a nightmare.  The general contractor denies everything or blames subcontractors.  The subs blame each other.  No one wants to pay.  But all the buck-passing in the world can’t stop rain from leaking through roofs and windows.

Construction defect litigation requires patience, attention to detail, and experience with multi-party lawsuits to avoid the case becoming unmanageable.  It’s not unusual to have numerous defendants and third-party defendants pointing their fingers in all directions; for example, when water intrusion is involved, a roofer may blame the framer who may blame the window manufacturer, who then blames the roofer.  Keeping the facts in sight when facing that circular firing squad is essential.

It’s also critical for attorneys in construction defect cases to have significant experience with expert witnesses, particularly in the construction industry.  Property owners usually know little about the materials and methods used in construction, so they must rely heavily on their attorneys and experts to make the case for liability and damages.  A construction defect lawyer must work closely with experts, learn the technical issues, and effectively challenge the opinions of opposing experts.

Our construction defect attorneys have handled many claims large and small and have extensive experience with expert witnesses in varied types of cases.  When construction of your dream project turns south, that’s when you should turn to Reiss & Nutt.

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