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Real Property Disputes

Buying or selling real property often leads to disputes over who's owed or whether misrepresentations were made.  We have significant experience litigating property disputes for and against real estate agents, buyers, and sellers.

We enforce the law of land.

Anyone who has purchased real estate knows there are few, if any, investments that are larger or more consequential.  Unfortunately, not all those transactions go smoothly or happily. 

The lawyers at Reiss & Nutt have handled many cases for property buyers, sellers, and agents.  These often involve allegations that the real property was misrepresented or that someone refused to close a “done” deal.  Other conflicts arise between neighbors over access, easements, or even water views.  An agent may have found a buyer of commercial real estate only to be cut out of the commission.


Real estate can be inherently unique and often comes with emotional attachments.  It’s important to have attorneys with experience in a wide array of property disputes who can evaluate the issues objectively.  Our real property attorneys have settled and tried numerous real property disputes ranging from simple breach of contract to complex fraud claims. 

We also know what it's like to have complaining neighbors and demanding homeowners associations.  Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating disputes over covenants, easements, and other land-use restrictions.

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