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Small firm.  Superb performance.



Reiss & Nutt doesn't flinch when facing big firms or complex issues.  Whatever the setting, we stay focused, ready, and nimble.



A civil litigation firm based in Wilmington, N.C., Reiss & Nutt was founded on the belief that excellent legal representation must start with a client's goals.  Our clients trust us to advise them about the best course of action with our research of the facts and the law, and our understanding about the strategies our opponents are following. 

Whether the dispute is over real property, a business partnership, employment, child custody, or personal injury, the lawyers at Reiss & Nutt take pride in shouldering our clients' burdens from the very beginning. 

Where you feel uncertainty, we see a familiar process.  Where you see walls, we find doors.  That's why with Reiss & Nutt at your side, fear nothing.

Meet Max

No, you didn't dial 718, but you did call our office, and that means you probably received a touch of Long Island from the other end of the line.  The accent has grown on us, and clients say Max is swell even though he comes from way up the road.

Max Odynski is our paralegal, receptionist, and intake staffer all rolled into one fuzzy ray of sunshine.  Inquiries go through Max.  He performs a check for potential conflicts of interest, takes your inquiry information, and sets up our meetings.  If you also want to talk hockey or lacrosse, this is your guy.  The rest of us don't understand those sports.

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