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General Counsel

If your first visit to our office is to initiate or defend a lawsuit, your position probably isn't as solid as it could have been with our attorneys at your side before trouble arose.

Make your business our business.

We've seen it too many times.  A new client comes in with a contract to enforce or to complain about a partnership agreement that he signed without consulting an attorney.  More often than not, the other party had counsel, sometimes behind the scenes, and now options are limited.

Many of us are inclined to place great faith in the good intentions of people with whom we do business, if only to justify saving the few bucks it would take to ensure sound legal recourse exists, just in case.

Our attorneys are experienced in providing general counsel services for small and mid-size businesses and individuals with business interests to protect.  Forming an attorney-client relationship during times of peace provides peace of mind, a reliable ally when doubts arise, and a ready advocate when problems surface.  And conflict is virtually inevitable for any successful enterprise.


Not only do we possess the legal skills to guide you or your business, but we also have experience with varied types of businesses and industries.  Our understanding of accounting practices and business organizations gives us insights that we bring to bear on your particular operations and risks.

Don't wait, and definitely don't guess.  Be prepared with Reiss & Nutt on your side.

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