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Mackenzie L.

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A good litigator is believable.  A great litigator is compelling.  The difference can be the margin between winning and losing. 

I learned the importance of being compelling, not just believable, on a completely different stage than the courtroom.  From twelve years old until twenty, I was a television and film actress. I learned very quickly that my job was not simply memorizing words on a page but connecting with my audience.  After a three-year role in a network show – one that coincidentally filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina – I needed new challenges and a mission.


I went back to college, graduated with the highest GPA in my program, and earned the Presidential Honors Scholarship at the Charleston School of Law.  

I was shocked that my acting career would be so useful in the practice of law.  During my first summer in law school, I was a student prosecutor right here in Wilmington, trying criminal cases in front of judges and juries.  I realized that my ability to speak publicly without fear would be an asset I would use for years to come.  I also fell back in love with a community that already felt like home to me.

When I embarked on this new role, I didn’t think the skills I learned as an actress would translate to the legal profession.  I was wrong.  An attorney is an advocate, and to be an effective advocate, you must be more than just believable.  You must be compelling.


Suma Cum Laude

Presidential Honors Scholarship


Charleston School of Law, J.D. 2023

Academic Success Fellow – Legal Research and Writing I & II, Evidence

CALI Excellence for the Future Awards – Legal Research and Writing I & II, Torts II, Constitutional Law I, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, South Carolina Family Law, Remedies, Secured Transactions

North Carolina


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