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"Diligent and Direct Attorneys: Cory and Kyle are incredible litigators who guide their clients through the legal system with compassion and determination."

- Kayla

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We analyze your position and prepare you to launch or

defend a claim.


We assess your adversaries' weaknesses and position you to overwhelm them.


We develop legal theories and plans designed to prevail if

negotiations end.


Reiss & Nutt, a law firm based in Wilmington, NC, was founded on a belief that excellent legal representation must start with our client's goals.  We orient our case management accordingly, but when we take cases to trial, we know we've covered our bases.  Our clients trust us to advise them about the best course of action with our research of the facts and the law, and our understanding about the strategies our opponents are following. 

Whether the dispute is over real property, a business partnership, employment, child custody, or personal injury, the Wilmington lawyers at Reiss & Nutt take pride in shouldering the burden from the first meeting with our clients. 

Where you feel uncertainty, we see a familiar process.  Where you see walls, we find doors.  That's why with Reiss & Nutt at your side, fear nothing.

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